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    inspiration comes of working.

    Charles Baudelaire


about1.jpgF.WAY is a trademark of New Generation. The innovative aspect is to be connected with the global market, its needs, changes and new trends in the corporate world.

The innovation of the brand is also based on the availability of a modern production system and specialized operators’ skills.

The infinite range of equipment creates an almost immeasurable material processing system.


about2.jpgWe can say that "artigianalita" also means:

-          The care on the manufacture of products that constantly improve their quality;

-          The certifications;

-          Customer total attention to their needs;

-          Honesty, transparency and seriousness in all stages: from customer contact to delivery;

-          Development and ongoing training of human resources.


about3.jpgErgonomics often is synonymous of high quality design.

The F.WAY products are modeled and produced according to customer needs.  The multi adjustable systems allow full adjustment of seat and backrest, creating great adaptability to the user's needs.

The continuous search of the brand in technological innovation also allows evolve into new forms and details.


about4.jpgTo take care of the environment is one of our priorities through:

-          The recycling and disposal of industrial waste;

-          The improvement and development of production processes;

-          The reduction of CO2 emissions;

-          The control of energy use;

-          The research of innovative materials and low environmental impact;

-          The product quality is synonymous of durability and therefore waste reduction.


A Brand new Brand

news1.jpgF.WAY is the brand that is based on knowledge of decades in production processes, focused on looking at the present with contemporary approach. The office is understood by us as an everyday experience, not a place made up of objects, but the atmosphere made up of relationships and processes. Discover our identity: explore our website and follow us on social media!

Our slogan: be inspired!

news2.jpg“Inspiration comes of working” is the quote from Charles Baudelaire that F.WAY elected as a phrase guide. The work today is inspiration and creativity. Through a range of versatile and customizable product, F.WAY meets your way to work, and at the same time, offers innovative solutions to their challenges, whatever it is, by upgrading its consolidated dynamics and improving the work environment.

Discover our campaign!

news3.jpgThe work and its multiple forms, often defy classification, but all are geared towards an idea of dynamism, flexibility and displacement. In the office it is more important to move from being stopped, its mobility inspired our advertising campaign: F.WAY ensures dynamism, its needs and aspirations! Find us on magazines!

Are you executive or operative?

news4.jpgCasual and elegant?

Institutional or young?

Technological or practical?

Individual or collective?

Explore our product portfolio and find the one that best suits your needs.

Remember: You can always relax and reflect at work with our Life Work line!