• Premier of Corporativa.Office new Showroom

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    Big premier of Corporativa.Office new Showroom, a wonderful space with a mix of our products, offering solutions to various environments, such as offices, collaborative environments, reception desks, home office and much more. It is worth to check out the beauty, sophistication and of course, service offered by Corporativa.Office.

    Located in Ribeirão Preto, on José Adolfo Bianco Molina Avenue, 2141, Jardim Canadá.


    Showroom Corporativa.OfficeShowroom Corporativa.OfficeShowroom Corporativa.OfficeShowroom Corporativa.Office

  • F.Way Mobile Showroom at the UNIP Architecture Day - Bauru

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    Our Mobile Showroom was a success at the UNIP Architecture Day, in Bauru. It was a two-day event (October 31st and November 1st), with the exposition of the Showroom and a lecture about “Project, Design and Trends”, given by our contributors Luis Morales (Commercial manager) and Paulo Bonatelli (Quality manager).

    Besides the event schedule, we gave a Nox chair to the students who attended our Mobile Showroom and our lecture. It was very satisfying for us to receive the warm welcome from the UNIP university in Bauru, with a flawless reception, besides what we learned from the interactivity between the students and F.Way.

    Do you want to see our Mobile Showroom in your College/University?

    Send an e-mail showing your interest to and we will be happy to answer you.

    Showroom Móvel F.WAYPalestra da F.WAY na Jornada de Arquitetura 2016

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